Event & conference halls


Come let's give you a royal treat in nature's paradise!

A Dream wedding at Our Halls

We have five halls fully air conditioned with comfortable table and chairs, a public address system, a projector with male and female rest rooms, the halls are used for seminars meetings, weddings and conferences, training etc.

Celebrate your love, birthdays or other events in a uniquely Maldivian way with a ceremony in our halls


Madam Aino hall.

Madam Aino hall with a capacity of 250-400 persons

Luna Hall.


Luna Hall with a capacity of 100-150 persons

Uwaifiokun hall.

Uwaifiokun hall with a capacity of 60-100 persons

Syndicate hall.

Syndicate hall with a capacity 30-60 persons

Board room .

Board room with a capacity of 20-30 persons.

Wet Bar

Relax with coctails and snack


Music for great mood


We have enough to handle your people, fully air-conditioned


 We can also help you handle full catering service for your occasion

Design and comfort are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being – all the materials used for room decoration are environment friendly, and your individual climate control can be adjusted accurately by degree.

Our suites of great conference halls are both impressive and flexible. Superior interior design, ambiance of natural sunlight and great looking panoramas of the sea make them just as popular a choice both for families or singles.